• Bootiful Bouquets Series

    Bootiful Bouquets Series Cowboy & Ice Skate Boot Western & Instrument Bouquets.art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pes .pcs .vip .vp3 .xxx Minimum Hoop Requirement 6” wide by 8” high”

  • Gingerbread Bites

    Gingerbread Bites.art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip .vp3 .xxx Minimum Hoop Requirement 5” x 7”

  • All Hallows’ Eve

    All Hallows’ Eve finished size 57” x 57” .art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip .vp3 .xxxMinimum Hoop Requirement 6” x 8”

  • Fall Into Autumn

    Fall into Autumn finished size 43” x 16” .art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip .vp3 .xxx Minimum Hoop Requirement: 6” x 8”

  • Happy Haunting

    Happy Haunting finished size 33” x 15” .art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .shv .vip .vp3 .xxx Minimum Hoop Requirement: 6” x 10”

  • Santa Moon

    Santa Moon finished size 11” x 38”.art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip .vp3 .xxx Minimum Hoop Requirement: 10¼ ” x 6”

The designs and instructions are included with each CD-ROM in the formats listed below the picture. Each design requires specific hoop dimensions. Print out all instructions from the CD-ROM and place in a notebook.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Hi Claudia,
    The success you are experiencing is so well deserved. I couldn’t have accomplished as much as I have with my digitizing if it wasn’t for you expertise. Congratulations on all your successes now and in the future.

    - A grateful quilter , Nancy H, Peoria

  • Claudia,
    Thanks for designing and teaching. Your class is like a breath of fresh air. I agree with your husband, you need to sign your work somehow. I can’t wait to see how it looks. See you in September.

    - Grateful , Sue M, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Claudia,
    I have been teaching for 20 years and can’t believe how much I learned after just one day in your class. Thank you for coming to our shop!

    , S.A. from Southern California

  • Hi Claudia,
    Awesome! Claudia, you are a real artist and with each success, you make me glad you are my teacher. Perhaps one day, I will be half as successful

    , Marjory, Phoenix, AZ

  • Claudia,
    We are VERY excited about your quilts and would like to order them & we can be the first ones in the area to have them!

    , Melody, Tampa Florida

  • Hi Claudia,
    Claudia, thanking you again for a wonderful seminar! Can you put me on your email list for any similar software classes…I would be willing to travel for a great class like the one you just held!

    , Jill O, Milwaukee, WI

  • Hi Claudia,
    Thanks again for the wonderful class you taught at Bigsby’s last week. I embroidered 2 of the flag pillow wrap designs and they both turned out beautiful! I look forward to your future classes at Bigsby’s.

    , Helen, WI

  • Hi Claudia,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful class at Bigsby’s! I learned so much and am anxious to put it all to use. You are an excellent teacher!

    , Diann L, WI